Now and Then

I was going through photos of Steve & Chris's visit when I noticed how much the garden had changed in the last year. So I decided to put together this small collection of comparative photographs to remind me, if no-one else, how much things have changed since I moved in.
These photos are also in Kennz Photo Albums.

original front garden

The front of the house when I first viewed it.... December 2001

Front garden under going major transformation... 2004/2005

The driveway & verge re-sprayed and patterned, beds planted... July 2005

More photos in the Front Garden Photo Album.

finished front garden

dug out front garden

The back garden view short after I moved in in 2002...

Original view toward lake
Lippo, Chris & Woody on the patio

...and as Steve and Chris saw the back garden in 2003....

.....and just a year later with the fence painted and the Hibiscus growing up...

Patio improving
natives and lake - 07- 2005

...and by mid-2005.

Going clockwise, as it was, with a hole in the middle of the garden ........ which I then filled in..............whch is now a sunken garden.

This side has undergone a lot of work. The original garden was resting 2 ft of earth against the paling fence. In the last 3 years the whole plot length has been dug out exposing the fence, a retaining wall built and the garden replanted.
The pergola has been extended to the fence, covered totally in shade cloth and the pond filled in.

I haven't got a good photo of just the spa as it was, but this shows the spa and the hole!

The spa had retaining walls built between the spa side and the pergola and a garden planted. Speakers and fairy lights have been added to the pergola roof.

Following changes in state laws in late 2005, it became necessary to surround an outside spa with impenetrable fencing just incase a child broke into the garden and drowned themselves. As this would have ruined the view across the (unfenced 11km long) lake! and following development of a leak and a failed pump, the decision was made in late 2005 to remove the spa. It is to replaced with an outdoor sitting area and an (unfenced) fish pond.


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