Robert Thomas Crosby

19/04/1902 - 15/12/1981

Robert & Elsie circa 1975-ish

Mel wrote" Born 1902 joined the army but lied about age so must have joined about 1918, dont know how long he was in but know he went to Egypt. he must have married about Jan 1926 so presumably out of the army then. I understood he was on the reserve that was why he was called up in 1939. somewhere inbetween he was supposed to have worked as a brewers drayman but then he worked for British Celanese at Spondon when war broke out. Bob found an old police record of him being fined for riding his bike without a light. He used to cycle from Beeston where we lived to Spondon"



Father: Robert Crosby
Mother: Jessie
Married: Elsie Crosby (nee Knight)
Children: Robert Wallace Crosby
              Melvyn Trevor Crosby

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