No matter how much we hated the coming of July the 26th, it came all the same.

In fact we did not really sleep at night. At 2'clock, we even got up to take some pictures!!!! Oh, red beddings, framed bed, two soft sweet persons...... they were such lovely pictures that we decided to have them developed and then hang on the walls of our bedroom!!

We had an early rise in the morning at 5. A taxi took us there before 7. The flight was at 9:30, so we had plenty of time to hug and say good-bye. Oh, it was so hard a time, when we finished the checking in and settle down for the good-bye, we both wept with tears. OH, I hate the short meeting! I hate the long seperating!! How should we get through the following months?

Kenn was clever to suggest taking a picture. It might have been the only way to stop the sad weeping. We wiped off the tears and took this picture.

Goodbye my love!! Goodbye my dear husband!! Be safe for me!! My heart is always there with you............