Leaving Palace Museum, we took a taxi to Wangfujing to meet Hongfei, where we had had our welcoming lunch. This time, for an informal celebration for the wedding. We had a good meal and wine, and a good chatting too. Last time when Hongfei met Kenn, he was shy to talk. But not this time. They had a lot of chattings about a big variety of topics. Hongfei was much better with his English than last time. They both enjoyed the chattings and liked each other too, they told me later. Step father and son had become good friends in two meals' time! What a bonus for this family!

The meal lasted for two hours and a half. It was over 9 when we finished it. Yet we decided to go to the 2008 Olympic site for the Birdnest and Watercube. When we got there, it was too late and closed to visitors.We had to walk to the back of it to have a close look at it. When we finally got there and had these two pictures taken, the mobile phone of Hongfei's went flat, and so were the others of ours. Such a pity we could not take any more pictures. We took a long walk around the square. Absolutely, both Birdnest and Watercube was amazingly attractive in any perspective. They are truly wonders in human history of construction.

It might be 11 o'clock, or even later when we departed with Hongfei. When we got to the hotel it was near midnight. Well, such a long happy day we had!

We had planned the next day July 25th for the Great Wall. But Kenn said he would rather stay in bed and snuggling with me, and we were always hurrying everywhere, busy with the documents and trains, but never left ourselves in a peaceful love romance enough. And on the morning of 26th, he would have to fly back ro Australia!

How true!!!!!! And so we did. And thus the trip for the Great wall was canncelled. It has always been a pity for me not to have taken Kenn to the Great Wall.