July 24th was the first day of honeymoon. We had breakfast in the hotel dining hall at around 8 and then back to our room for more intimate time. At 12, we started out for the Palace Museum. This was the first place I wanted to show Kenn. As we wanted to know more about how ordinary people live, we went there on foot, wh4ich allowed us to go through Hutongs and some interesting things about Beijing. This was the 'oldest' area in Beijing, where some old buildings remained, though most were shabby. Some were redecorated on the gate for a shop or restaurant, but the main structure must be kept like what they used to be if they are undamaged Siheyard Houses. This made it possible for people in later generations to have a good knowledge about this typical old Chinese style building. When we went through Nanluoguxiang,which is a very famous Hutong shopping centre, we had to fight through the crowds of people who come for some small things or lovely foods. That was really a lovely experience.

After a long walk and some other sightseeings, we finally came to the back door of the palace museum. Ooops, we had walked for an hour! We took some pictures and went to the front gate where Tiananmen Square is through the righthand street. When we got to Tiananmen, Kenn recognized the location of the Great Hall Of The People Hotel, where we spent the first night. We had a good look at Tiananmen and Mao, and took several pictures.

The exploration inside the Palace Museum was a very nice experience. We had close watchings about every detail of this great flock of buildings, and tried best to know and understand the stories that happened here dynasty after dynasty. Kenn had an interpreting machine to help him understand better. And the fact that he had seen a Chinese film 'Golden Flowers' (满城尽带黄甲) really gave him some idea of an actural palace life, though it was only a made-up palace story.LOL

All the way through different palaces, we were chatting and taking pictures. We did not leave there until the announcement came that the Palace would be closed in half an hour.We had a wonderful time there.

There was something to apologize here. For those young kids that had wished to have a photo taken with my lovely Kenn, I have to say sorry. Thank you for the kind invitations, but thinking of the privacy of images, we had to turn them down. This internet world sometimes will make use of people's images in an evil way. But I do agree that my husband Kenn looks really special with lovely beard and long hair. And we were glad to hear from an old man on subway that he looks very much like Karl Marx ,the great founder of communism, though seldom do people believe in his theory now. And I have to say I am very proud of Kenn, not only because he looks special, but also because dozen and hundreds of other characteristics in him, most of which are related with the way he thinks and the way he loves me .