Plan for July 23rd was to travel to Shijiazhuang to get a wedding register. Before this, we did a lot of preparations, documents to prove we are single and legal for this marriage, documents to say who we are and where we come from, phone calls to the govenment officials to make sure the registering system is working, phone calls to the lawyer to make sure the certified copy is done before we go back to Beijing at the end of the day. And a good plan in time counting for all the travels between the register-room and the lawyers'. Bloody preparations!!

We got up at 5 to catch the 7 o'clock train at Beijing Xi ( not Beijing Nan, LOL). This time we did not miss it. Two hours later at 9 we were already at the lawyers'! We got the certificated copy there for Kenn's marriage status from consulate, and then hurried to the register room. There we showed all we had prepared and got a stamp! WE GOT MARRIED!!! Yay...... We were kissing and embracing for a celebration. We were too much overjoyed, nothing could be the best description for this happy moment. And we heard applauses from the other pair awaiting for the register. We put on the wedding rings for each other. And Kenn took out the wedding gift from his mother and put it around my neck. It was a Yinyang design!! How kind of her! It must have taken her a lot of time preparing it. We took pictures of this wonderful moment and sent back to his family and friends through Facebook right away.

The outdoor picture was taken by the American awaiting there. We had a short chat about how they got to know each other and how many times they had met. Blime me, they had met three times but his woman did not know how to say his name of the state in English! They talked through translaters!!! What communications they were making!!! Kenn and I were very proud that we could talk about any topic in English without the help of the hell translater. LOL

We rushed back to the lawyers' to get the certification of the wedding certificate we got at the register-room. While waiting for the paper to be worked on, we went around the city in a taxi and try to find my college and take a picture there, but it was all torn down and moved to a new place. Pity of it.

We ate lunch at a shopping mall, and then bought a lot of chocolates. We took another taxi ride to the govenment register-room. We had promised to bring chocolate back to the clerk here, a thank-giving and happiness-sharing gift so that she could share the sweetness of this new wedding. She was very surprised that we did go back only to give her chocolates ! And she was very happy.

Then we went back to the lawyers', waiting for the paper to come out. We took a lot of taxi rides back and forth, all the taxi drivers were very kind and patient . It was a bit cloudy when we arrived in Shijiazhuang in the morning , but later it cleared up. While waiting for traffic lights, a taxi driver took a picture of the blue sky, saying he had not seen such a blue sky for days! Kenn was shocked by that. But not me. Shijiazhuang ranks No. 1 among smoggy cities in China!

At around 4 o'clock, we got the paper, and went to the train station for the 7 o'clock train back to Beijing. So we had such a long time there to admire this briliant building of Shijiazhuang Train Station. It was only a train station, but like a palace! All I heard from Kenn was 'bline me, bline me', which showed his endless admirations for this building. He was really shocked by the breath-taking development of China.

This was the wedding according to Kenn's culture. It just takes place at the site of registering. But to mine, we need another real celebration for it, where we invite friends and relatives to share the happiness. But time was too tight. He would be back to Australia in 3 days! We'd rather stay in the quiet wedding room sharing our sweetness----only between us two, no disturbing from anybody.